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Over the past ten years or so, I have been approaced by attorneys seeking my involved as an Expert Witness for Medical Malpractice cases.  My expertise has been sought out by attorneys representing patients (known as the "Plaintiff") and attorneys representing urologists (the "Defendant").  

I have beennamed among the "Top 1% Trial Expert Witnesses for Medical Malpractice Litigation in California."  I was selected based on receiving a least 95 out of 100 rating in Medical Malpractice Lawyers' multi-phase rating system which emphasized my third-party verified courtroom performance in the preceding 24 months and peer survey results.

I have no personal agenda in providing Expert Witness services.  I feel that in our current health care system, patients who have been wrongfully harmed by medical practitioners have a right to seek damages.  On the other hand, I feel that doctors stung by frivolous lawsuits need protection under the law.

Beyond this dimension of my website, I do not advertise for my services.  I am registered with the Cooperative of American Physicians and the American Urological Association as an Expert Witness in Urology.  I have never paid, joined or allowed my name to be used by any company, agency or service to list my name as an expert witness beyond these two organizations.

One of the most common services I provide is that of chart review of questionable cases to determine the merit of any legal action.  Often times, a thorough review of the medical records can help to determine if the Standard of Care has been met or not. 

I generally conduct an exhaustive literature review so that my opinions and conclusions are "evidence based."   In addition, my 27 years as a Urologist has provided me with a vast and diverse experience in my field.

If I agree to be an Expert Witness for your case, it is because I feel your position can and should prevail.

A copy of my Medical Records Review Agreement and my Medical Expert Engagement Agreement can be obtained simply by calling the office and requesting one.