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Understanding  our Office's Fee Schedule...

For Non-Medicare patients:

New Patient Consultation

Fees range from around $150 to $500 depending upon:

  • the complexity of your condition,
  • how much time and effort is required to research your problem and
  • how many records I need to review or special testing I need to arrange.

Established Patient Visits

Fees range from $100 to $250, again related directly to the degree of evaluation and management is required in your case.

Will my PPO or HMO compensate me if I see Dr. Kelly?

We will provide you with a valid receipt for all medical services rendered that you simply submit to your insurance company for review. They will reimburse to you any funds they are contractually obligated to pay.   It's as simple as that!

We expect payment at the time of service and our front office can process most credit cards.  


What if I decide to have Dr. Kelly perform my surgery?

Surgical fees are to be paid in advance of surgery.  In the event of a surgical cancellation, fees will be refunded 100% provided we are notified before 5 PM on the day before the scheduled surgery.  Cancellations on the day of surgery are nonrefundable.

All Hospital. Anesthesia and Pathology services will, in most cases be with providers that are contracted with your PPO insurance plans.

We utilize outside laboratories and imaging centers that are contracted with most private and PPO insurance companies.

For Medicare Recipients:  


Medicare patients who wish to be patients in my practice are required to pay an Annual Practice Subscription of $300 from January 1 to December 31 of that year. This subscription will be automatically renewable each year.


For those patients who wish to have increased access to Dr. Kelly, there is the option of the “Premier Access Plan” for $500 per year which includes the Annual Practice Subscription but offers in addition the following:


  • Guaranteed visits within 24 hours or one business day.
  • Waiver of all office policy fees including Insurance Claims, Record Copying, and automatically processing of your Prior Authorizations for non-covered drugs.
  • Physician notification via telephone of your urgent lab results.
  • Direct, unlimited and secure E-mail access to Dr. Kelly
  • Same day telephone response (in most cases)



Scheduling Office Visits:

1. Necessary Lab testing is performed around one week prior to your scheduled evaluation with me.  In this way, I can give you a more complete assessment at the time of your office visit. 

Lab tests such as urine and blood testing can be done either two ways:

     1. Come in to our office about a week prior to our visit my nurse will obtain and process your lab test.

     2. Arrange for lab testing near your home or workplace.  We use LabCorp for this purpose.  Your results will be available in your chart when you arrive for your visit. 

Simple put the following URL in your address bar:

or just Google "LabCorp near me" and put in your address or zip code.



3. For those Patients unable to have tests performed before their clinical evaluations, follow up office visits to discuss test results with me.  In many cases, Lab Test results are simply not "normal / abnormal."  Many of our test results are statistical risks for disease occurring, progressing or resolving.  Some tests like MRI or CT imaging are best shown to you  so you can see the particular condition we are treating.

4. Patients with complicated questions regarding their conditions are requested to make office appointments.  We will do our best to schedule timely appointments to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your condition and treatment alternatives.  Most simple questions regarding appointments and prescriptions are filled using our Patient Portal via CureMD, our Electronic Health Records partner.

5. Our energy and focus is given to the patient in our office receiving our care.  I spend a lot of time with my patients in the office.  This makes me  a better doctor and is the only way I can practice medicine.  Before any patient leaves a visit with me, a "Treatment Plan" is agreed upon between the the patient and me.  This always includes scheduling a follow-up visit and what we are going to reassess at that visit in terms of symptoms, blood testing, etc.

5. Emergency Care will be immediate, either in the office or hospital setting, depending on the urgency and complexity of the problem.  If you have a urological  emergency during office hours, inform our front office person and your matter will be given immediate attention.  If your emergency occurs after hours, we recommend you immediately go to the ER for an assessment.  We will be notified by the ER Physician after you have been assessed.

6. We use Electronic Health Records (EHR)in our office and this allows us to quickly access your lab results, send correspondences to your referring physician, send your prescriptions via email to your pharmacy and to protect you from potentially dangerous drug/drug interactions.

It is very, very important that you provide us with current and complete details regarding your health so we can make the most of our EHR system and serve your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We ask that you bring with you to your visits with us the following information:

  • Your Referring Physician
  • Your Current Medications and Known Allergies
  • Your mobile Telephone Number that we can call you and, if necessary, leave confidential messages regarding your health.
  • Your private Fax Number or E-mail Address to receive information from our office.
  • A designated Pharmacy that can serve your prescription needs most reliably.  A 24-Hour Pharmacy is good to have on board.


Administrative Fees:

Our Office Policy includes charging certain fees for services, that are often very time consuming and are not covered by most health insurance plans. These include such things as:

  • Pharmacy Appeals to obtain “Prior Authorization”, 
  • Copying and forwarding of medical records, 
  • Storage retrieval of medical records, and 
  • Medical Forms completion (DMV, Jury Duty, Trip Cancellation, Disability Forms, etc).  

The typical fee for these services is $75.